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Lisa 彭綿瑤



Zoe 林佳柔



Annie Chu



Anita Chen



April Fu



Monica 彭薈如


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”什麼是音樂治療?” 是我們不論在與熟人朋友之間的聚會、或是在第一次與人見面時最常被問到的問題。 說來慚愧,待在美國的這幾年,一直抱持著對音樂治療這個專業的熱愛 ,不顧一切的抱頭往前直衝。然而,在充滿拚勁的同時,卻忘記停下腳步去真正回歸本心,去思考對於我們 "什麼是音樂治療" 及應該如何將所學的知識、技巧化為文字來解釋給我們身邊的人及普羅大眾聽,並讓更多人能夠知道、理解這份專業。就只是這份想法,促使了我們想要開始寫文章及拍影片的動力,期待藉由網路的力量、嘗試不同的形式(訪問、影片、podcast、休閒內容、相關活動等)以多元有趣的方式,讓音樂治療接觸到更多的中文讀者、學生、家長和其他專業人士,並讓想出國或在台學習音療的學生們有更豐富且可運用的資源。



* 我們可以給予個案和其家屬什麼?
* 要怎麼讓大家更了解音樂治療(MT)?
* 是不是可以帶給這個社會有什麼回饋?












In 2020, amid an unexpected school and work gap caused by the pandemic, we had the opportunity to return to our motherland, Taiwan. During this time, we founded the Music Therapy Taptalk ©(MTTaptalk) online platform. Our individual journeys began in different times and places, but it was music therapy that brought us together in Oklahoma, United States, in 2017. From that moment on, we became not only classmates but also friends, roommates, work partners, and, most importantly, a close-knit family. Even after graduation, our paths diverged as we pursued careers in different countries, including the US, Canada, and Taiwan. Nevertheless, our unwavering passion for music therapy remained constant.

" What is Music Therapy ? "

One common question we often encounter is, "What is music therapy?" Despite our dedication to this profession during our time in the US, we realized that we hadn't taken the time to truly reflect on what music therapy meant to us and how we could effectively explain it to others. This realization sparked the idea of creating articles and videos to introduce music therapy to a broader audience, especially in the Chinese-speaking community.


We aimed to use various media platforms, such as interviews, videos, podcasts, leisure content, and related events, to

raise awareness about music therapy,

provide resources to students interested in studying music therapy, and

facilitate a better and easier understanding of this field.


Our Philosophy

As the MTTaptalk© team, comprising six Taiwanese music therapists with classical-musician backgrounds, we strongly believe in the principle of  "giving is more blessed than receiving" With this belief in our hearts, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and their families. Our mission is to improve their overall functioning, build strong connections with caregivers, and dispel misconceptions surrounding music therapy.


MTTaptalk© is a project that we passionately work on during our free time, with the aim of staying true to our initial intentions and growing step by step. If you resonate with our beliefs, we encourage you to share our work with those around you, allowing more people to become familiar with the profession of music therapy.

by Annie Anita April Lisa Monica Zoe



📪 If you are interested in any form of collaboration with us or looking for patient assessments, please contact us through our email or pm us from facebook or instagram.

How and Why
Did We Start MTTapTalk?

並且要記住主耶穌自己說過的話:『施比受更加蒙福。』」聖經 使徒信經 20:35

“ In everything I did, I showed you thatby this kind of hard work we must help the weak,
remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Acts 20:35
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