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音樂啟發的自我發現之旅:自我表達 A Self-Expression Voyage through Music


English translation below

自我表達,是人與人溝通之間重要的能力, 然而,在這個喧囂的世界中, 我們時常忽略了與自己對話的力量。 可以正確的表達自己的想法、情緒與感受, 是認識自己重要的一環。


口說語言是最直接的表達方式, 透過言語分享自己的想法和感受。 文字則是一種靜態的表達方式, 讓我們有時間思考和精煉自己的表達。 畫畫、音樂、舞蹈等創意媒介則是豐富的表達工具,可以用來傳達情感、表現美感, 同時也是探索自己內在世界的方式。

  • 樂曲創作: 透過創作音樂,可以把自己的情感和想法轉化成聲音。每一個樂曲都是一個獨特的故事,反映著你的內心世界。

  • 歌詞創作: 寫歌詞是表達自己情感和故事的一個深刻方式。透過文字,也許能夠傳達更具體的情感和意念,將個人的經歷轉變為的歌曲。

  • 音樂繪畫: 將音樂轉化成視覺感受,透過畫畫和音樂的協助,反射自我狀態。

  • 歌聲探索: 發掘自己的聲音,對內在情感的表達。不同的音域和發聲方式都可以成為自我表達的意志。

  • 單純的聆聽音樂: 聆聽音樂本身也是一種表達方式。在過程中,我們可以找到共鳴,從他人的音樂中感受到共同的情感。

  • 彈奏樂器: 透過手指與樂器的互動,隨著自己的狀態,將內心情感透過音樂表達出來。

無論是哪種方式, 自我表達都是一種自我發現的旅程。 透過這些多樣的表達形式, 我們可以更深入地了解自己, 提供自己不同的抒發管道, 讓我們一起練習、尋找合適自己的自我表達方式, 成為自己最好的支持者, 勇敢地擁抱自己的獨特性。

👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️如果你感到情緒困擾、需要情緒支持, 或在自我表達的過程中遇到困難, 別忘了尋求專業協助喔。


Self-expression is a crucial skill in human communication. However, we often overlook the power of having a dialogue with ourselves in this bustling world,. The ability to express thoughts, emotions, and feelings accurately is an essential aspect of self-awareness.

Ways of Self-Expression:
  • Spoken Language: Speaking is the most direct form of expression, allowing one to share thoughts and feelings verbally.

  • Written Language: Text is a static form of expression, providing time for reflection and refinement of thoughts.

  • Creative Media such as Drawing, Music, and Dance: These offer rich tools for expression, conveying emotions, and exploring the inner world.

Forms of Expression in Music:
  • Composition of Music: Creating music allows the transformation of emotions and thoughts into sound, each piece reflecting a unique story from the composer's inner world.

  • Lyric Writing: Crafting lyrics is a profound way to express emotions and stories, using words to convey specific feelings and ideas, turning personal experiences into songs.

  • Visual Representation of Music: Transforming music into visual art through drawing, reflecting self-states with the aid of both art and music.

  • Exploration of Voice: Discovering one's voice for emotional expression, where different vocal ranges and techniques become tools for self-expression.

  • Simply Listening to Music: Listening to music itself is a form of expression. During this process, we can find resonance, connecting with shared emotions in others' music.

  • Playing Musical Instruments: Interacting with an instrument through fingers and strings, expressing internal emotions through music.

Regardless of the method, self-expression is a journey of self-discovery. Through these diverse forms of expression, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, providing various outlets for expression. Let's practice together, finding our unique ways of self-expression and becoming our own best supporters, bravely embracing our individuality.

👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️If you find yourself emotionally distressed or facing difficulties in the process of self-expression, don't forget to seek professional assistance.


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